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Michelle Matthews-Alexander is without a doubt what one would consider a “Black Glamour Mom.” From rocking the latest Christian Louboutin heels while pushing her Ruby Red Orbit Baby Stroller, to managing the slew of emails that keep her hopping as the Director of Public Relations at the longest-standing African American Advertising Agency, she constantly strives to find the perfect balance of managing being a wife, a mommy and her overall fast-paced
 life—without sacrificing her personal glam factor.

about-squareMichelle founded BlackGlamourMom.com in 2012 after giving birth to her son. Her goal with the site is to provide a destination for young, fashionably chic, career and entrepreneurial-minded moms who refuse to trade their luxury crossovers for minivans and their Christian Louboutin heels for Crocs, just because they’ve entered the wonderful world of mommy-hood.

In a fun, edgy-glam and free-spirited tone, Michelle dishes on all things related to being a glamorous mom, including features on pregnancy, parenting tips, fashion, beauty, marriage, interviews with celebrity glam moms, pop culture and city life in general.

BlackGlamourMom.com aims to become the go-to website for women who not only find solace in locating the latest trends in nursery décor but who also crave the scoop on the tastiest martinis and safest (don’t forget fashionable!) car seats to hit the market.


“I created BlackGlamourMom.com because I saw a void in the market when I was pregnant with my son,” said Alexander, Creator of BlackGlamourMom.com. “Although there are plenty of mommy blogs and pregnancy and parenting resources in the market, I couldn’t find one that really spoke to me as a young, African American, fashion-crazed wife who was dead-set on not losing herself and her love for the glamorous life just because a baby was soon to be on board. It is my goal that this site becomes a go-to resource for all moms who are looking to hold onto their glamorous side while raising a child in today’s hectic world.”

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BlackGlamourMom.com is an online destination for young, fashionably chic, beauty-crazed and career and entrepreneurial-minded moms. The site offers a number of flexible advertising options to meet the needs of potential partners.

For all media, reviews, public relations, event, advertising, speaking and sponsorship opportunities and requests, please contact: michelle@blackglamourmom.com.